Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Powell

Over the fourth of july we went to Lake Powell with my family! I decided I would do my first post of this trip because it is one of my favorite places in the whole world! I have grown up going there every summer and have some of my favorite memories there. It has been fun to have my own little family there and to be able to see the start of many more wonderful memories. Thanks mom and dad for the many years of Lake Powell and hopefully many more to come! We love you!

Kyson loves Lake Powell! Before we left I was doing some laundry, Kyson picked up a dirty dishrag, smelled it and said,"Mom this smells so good. It smells just like Lake Powell water!" That is how excited he was. You can see by this picture that he was not afraid to jump into the water. It made us a little nervous so we zip tied his life jacket on him and that way we knew he couldn't take it off.

As you can see Camree wasn't as excited about the water or the life jacket.

My cousin Kristi did a treasure hunt for the kids. They found the treasure from the Lake Powell Pirates! It was so cute. Here is Kyson, Aubrey and Hailey after they uncovered their hidden treasure.

Here is Kyson with all of his pirate gear on. I have to tell a funny story. We made the kids pose with the treasure map and we told them to put their arms around eachother. So they did and Kyson's hand ended on the bumb of Hailey! Already after the girls. I am in big trouble!

Here is Camree just after eating breakfast. Her hair was out of control from sunscreen! We did give it a little help for this picture.

Kyson and Papa. It was so cute they were watching a movie and Kyson was so into it that he kept leaning over to papa and saying,"Did you see that!"

Cute little Camree on a boat ride up one of the canyons. I felt so bad no matter what I did to keep the sun out of her eyes she still would squint the whole time! No pictures of her beautiful big blue eyes this trip!

Kyson playing in the shower on the back of the house boat. This was a great discovery because then it meant that Rob didn't have to stay in the water with him for two hours straight!

Chris, Breanne, Suzie, Me, Camree, Rob, Mikelle, Kyson and Sarah all playing in the water and on the rocks.

Kyson and Hailey on the tube. Check out Kyson's death grip! The tube submerged a couple of times so he got a little freaked out but he survived.

Kyson in his cool sunglasses. They were a life saver to keep the sun out of his eyes. I just wish we could have found some small enough to fit Camree.

Camree recieving some comfort from daddy. She is still not sure if she likes the water.

Breanne, Suzie and me on the back of the boat while we were out for a cruise.

On the forth of July we had a dance on top of the house boat with glow sticks as well as a firework show. It was so much fun the kids loved it! Here is Hailey, Kyson and Aubrey posing with their glow sticks. Kind of a cool picture. This was our last night at Lake Powell and was a fun way to end our wonderful vacation! We love Lake Powell!

Well there is the end of my first post! You asked for pictures so pictures is what you got!

Starting our blog

So I know all of you have patiently been waiting for us to start our blog. The wait is finally over! Don't laugh and remember that we are just beginners. Hopefully in no time we will have our blog in full swing.