Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Drae's Blessing

On June 7th Suzie and Daniel had Drae blessed. My Dad gave her the blessing. It was so sweet and tender. Suzie and Daniel have been such great parent's and are doing so well with everything that they have to deal with.
She wore Camree's blessing dress. I can't believe that it was two years ago that my baby was wearing that dress.

Tonya brought over her dog Skyla. She was huge, this picture doesn't do her justice. Kyson wasn't afraid one bit, he got right down on the ground and right in her face for licks!
All of the Featherstone side of the family. Camree is missing because she was down for a nap. I am so mad I didn't get a picture of her with Drae in her dress. Oh well.
We are so glad that baby Drae is here and that she is part of our family.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

School's out for Summer!

At the end of May, Kyson finished his first year of preschool! It seems like just yesterday I was posting about his first day of school. Time flies! Here is his little preschool class. He got to go to school with a couple of his friends and he loved it. One year down and one more to go until kindergarten!
I totally hate to save Kyson's projects, I hate the clutter. So, I decided to save some of my favorites from every year, scan them and put them on my blog, then I can throw them away, still have the digital copy to look at and not have the clutter!
I had to save the next two pictures because the story behind them is so cute. For a while Kyson was into wearing his cape and carrying around this pitch fork. Well one night his pitch fork broke and he was upset. Rob was out of town so I told him that fixing his pitch fork would be a good project for him and Rob to do when he got home. Kyson agreed and told me he was going to draw up some plans of how to fix his pitch fork so that they would know what to do when Rob got home. This is what he drew his pitch fork broken and then.......
his pitch fork all fixed. I thought that it was the cutest thing! He even made sure to put a k on his cape like his real one. I think that he is going to be just like his Dad and will be able to figure out and fix everything. I love seeing how he writes his name too. He just learned how to write it this year!
There is nothing cutter than little hand prints.
This is Kyson's version of a man. It is so funny he will not just draw stick figures. He has to draw two lines for the leg's and arm's and that second head is actually supposed to be his stomach. At the bottom those are flowers and he put bee's flying around in them, sooo cute! You have to love the spiky hair too.
Kyson with Miss Kim. Kyson loved preschool and had two great teachers. On the last day of school they had a party at the park.Kyson with Miss Kathy. Is there a better picture to end the year. All of the hitting, yelling, and fighting is all worth it for this one quick moment at the park on Kyson's last day of school! Bring on summer baby!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Warm Enough for WaTeR and PoPsIcLeS!

Ok so I took these pictures about three weeks ago before all of this crappy, cold, rainy weather hit us! On this day I think we hit about 90 so we decided to have a water day with some of Kyson's friends. The boys loved playing in the water.
Camree tried to keep up with the boys. I was glad to get her in her swimsuit to get rid of her farmer tan. My sister in law told me I am a freak. I guess I am! I shouldn't care if my 2 year old has a farmer tan!
Damon brought over his slip n slide. Kyson liked to slide on his knees and not his tummy.

Damon, Caleb, Blake, Kyson and Spencer. Last fall we started a drop off playgroup and I am so glad. Kyson has loved it and these little guys have become such good friends.
Of course we had to end the day with Popsicles. Another reason I love the summer!

Is there anything cuter than a chubby little body in a swimsuit! Too bad my chubby little body doesn't look as cute! Now we just need it to warm up again so I can see my kids cute little bodies in their swimsuits again!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I have to say the older my kids are getting the sweeter Mother's Day becomes. I was surprised by my cute kids with a card and planted flower in a pot that he painted from Kyson and a bouquet of tissue flowers from Camree. It is funny how such simple little gifts can brighten my day and make me so thankful to be a Mom. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a Mom. I knew that I would love it but I had no idea how amazing it would be. I am so thankful for my two little angels and that I am able to live my dream of becoming a Mom. I am also thankful for my Mom and the wonderful Mother she has been and still is to me now. If I can become half the Mom she is then I will be grateful. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's in my life. We love you all!
The Mom's on my side of the family.

Even though there are times that I want to pull my hair out there is nothing else I'd rather be doing!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 TWO 2

I can't believe that my baby is two! On May 2nd my little Camree turned two. She is growing up so fast and is so much fun right now. I knew having a little girl would be fun but I didn't know it would be this much fun! Rob jokes around that she is my little doll that I get to dress up. She is such a sweet, loving little girl with a bit of a feisty side beginning to come out. We are so thankful for our precious baby girl! Happy Birthday Camree!
Camree loves to eat and when she eats she gets it everywhere! Such a messy eater!
Blowing out her candles. I think more spit came out than air!

Camree in front of all of her presents. We actually celebrated two other birthday's and mother's day so they really aren't all of her presents. She is spoiled but she is not that spoiled.
She was so excited for all of her surprises! That was what she kept calling her presents.
Since it was her special day Kyson insisted that she wore her tutu so she could be like a princess!
She was so cute this year and was totally interested in each of her presents. She would sit and look at or play with each one before she would move onto the next.

Big brother Kyson was right by her side to help her out.
Camree wants to do whatever Kyson does. Kyson got a bike a while ago so that is what she wanted,"a big girl bike like bubba." So that is what we got her.
She is such a happy girl and thoroughly enjoyed her birthday this year. I am so thankful to have this little angel in our home. She brightens my day and makes me thankful to be a mom! Happy Birthday baby!