Saturday, August 27, 2011


Daddy is still out of town so the kids and I went with Neema and Papa to Utah Lake for a quick boat run to make sure that their boat got fixed. It was a hot day so it felt good to cool off in the lake!

We had a lot of fun but we missed Daddy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sky Diving

So my sister Mikelle is completely insane and decided that she wanted to go sky diving! Rob was out of town again so the kids and I decided to go and watch her!
Waiting on the runway for Mikelle to land. It was perfect she jumped right as the sun was setting and she lived!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Grade

Today Kyson started first grade! I can't believe it! Like last year I thought I was going to be excited for him to go back to school but I wasn't. Especially because he is going to be gone all day. The day was really long and seemed like he was gone forever but I am sure that won't last! Kyson loved every minute of it, thought that it was a little long, but loved it! Watch out first grade here comes Kyson!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Powell

What is better than waking up and having breakfast in your swim suit! Oh I love Lake Powell! We all love Lake Powell and have been waiting all summer for this trip. I can't think of a better place to spend our last week of summer!

We had an awesome beach this year with lot's of sand the kids loved it.

Even the babes enjoyed playing on the beach!

We did a lot of tubing! I am surprised that Camree wasn't scared, she actually loved it!
Kyson caught a baby catfish with his hands. I couldn't believe it and then I saw that he was missing half of his fin.....that made a little more sense. He still thought that he was pretty awesome.
A few minutes later he caught a craw fish???? I think that is what they are called?
Camree was even brave enough to ride the wave runners!
P Rae was not a fan of her life jacket. Squished her poor little cheeks like crazy!

Then Kyson caught a frog! He was in heaven catching all of these little critters!

We had to hike Sand Mountain! Kyson and Camree made it all the way to the top by themselves! Rob stayed on the boat with Presley.

Papa helped them carve their names at the top to show that they made it!

The babes played in the sand at the bottom in their twiner swimsuits thanks to Aunt Breanne buying two of the same suit in different colors!

Then the boys went cliff jumping. This is the first year that the water has been high enough to reach the foot holds to climb up and jump. Kyson went really high and made me nervous! He jumped from were Rob is standing and actually ended up going even higher! He is getting so big and so brave!

Check out Presley's tan compared to Aunt Mikelle!

Kyson learned how to drive the boat!
Rob wake surfing.

Mikelle showed the boys how it was done. She was the only one that could ride the wave!

Mmmmm that sand is good!

We ended our trip with this awesome sunset! Once again we didn't want to leave! Thanks Mom and Dad for another year of memories!