Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Both kids started Soccer this month. Some how I didn't get any pictures of Kyson's first game. This year Kyson has moved to the bigger field and they are starting to learn positions including having a goalie. Kyson isn't a fan of playing positions but I am sure as soon as he learns them he will like it better. Camree decided she wanted to play soccer again as soon as she knew all of her friend were. It is totally a social thing for her, she could care less about the actual game. Looks like all Spring our Saturdays are going to be full of soccer games. Let's hope it is a warm one!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Cousin Time

Just a week and a half after we got home from Arizona Spencer, Kristie and the kids came for the weekend. We didn't do anything special just had a fun time hanging out together. We are so glad they are living in Wyoming because that means we get to see them more!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Arizona Sun

 After a LONG Utah winter we were ready for some Arizona sun! It had almost been a year since our last trip so we couldn't wait to get there! This is the first trip with Mimi and Papa living with Grandmother so we stayed with Dave and Auburn. Everyone came over and we got to have dinner and family night together!

We went on a bike ride with Caralee and the kids and fed the ducks and horses on the canal. Poor Camree struggled, but she made it after A LOT of tears! Mimi and Papa came with us too.

 After we went back to their house for lunch. It was so nice to be outside enjoying the nice weather.
 On Wednesday it was kind of cold and rainy for part of the day so we went to an inside amusement park. The kids had a blast. Mimi was a good sport and rode on just about every ride there. After we went to In and Out for some lunch. I took this pic while we were waiting for Caralee's car to get there. I meant to grab one of everyone inside but didn't because I was trying to keep all three kids in line with all of their cousins there!

 Presley and Benson would eat breakfast together every morning.
 Our trip wouldn't have been complete without a swim day! The hot tub was heated but the pool wasn't,  that did not keep the kids from jumping into the freezing water!

 On our last day there we got to go and see Mimi's and Papa's new house. There is graffiti on the wall in the backyard, the kids wanted a picture in front of it before they paint over it.
 Kyson and Camree helped Mimi Pick us some grapefruit off of their tree to take back to Utah.
We had such a good time and did not want to leave. My kids love their Mimi, Papa and Cousins and I guess we do too!