Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have to admit after spending 12 days in Arizona over Christmas and New Years I am really starting to love this place! The weather was awesome while we were there! We tried to play outside and soak up as much sun as we could before we had to come back to the snow. Monday after Christmas Rob flew home to work and then flew back on New Years Eve but the kids and I stayed the whole time and had so much fun. Here is a recap of the rest of our trip.
We went to the park,
Had our Ellingson Christmas party,

With the best nativity reenactment ever!
Cutest little Mary,
with her baby Jesus, Sam.
One handsome wise men!
Played at the park some more,

Loved spending time with our cousins,
Met our new niece and cousin Eliza,

Made Aunt Auburn's Butterscotch Bon-Bons, YUM!
Went to the dump,
Fed the horses,
Played outside some more,
Went swimming, yes swimming on New Years day, it was fabulous!

Let the kids skinny dip and took a picture to black male them some day,

Let the boys ride dirt bikes on New Years day, YES, we are the best wives ever!

And just when we think we have everything under control we don't, we think our two year old is sleeping and come down to find that she has found Mommy's make-up and has put it all over herself! 2009 has been quite the ride I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

Good thing Santa found us at Mimi and Papa's! Kyson and Jack were both so excited to get the same worms in their stockings! It was so much fun for the kids to be together on Christmas morning! They loved showing each other what Santa brought them.
Camree is obsessed with babies! So we weren't surprised when Santa brought her a baby!
Kyson got a remote control truck!
Camree with a new baby bed. Anything to do with babies and she is happy!
Camree helping Papa open his presents too! The kids loved having Mimi and Papa there on Christmas morning.

After opening presents we got ready for all of the cousins to come over for breakfast. Just as we were about to eat we heard a knock at the door. Guess who it was? Santa! Can you believe he came and saw us after being up all night delivering toys! We must be some of his favorites! This year the kids got to tell Santa thank you for all of their toys instead of asking.
Camree wasn't so sure she wanted to sit on his lap but she was brave and did it any way. She warmed up and even gave him a hug goodbye!
All of the Ellingson cousins! There are 11 all 6 and under(and the 12th was born a few days later!). Ya it is a bit crazy when we are all together but we love the craziness!
The two who started all of this craziness!
After Santa left we had breakfast. Eggs ala golden rod, yum!
Then we opened presents. Mimi made game quilts for everyone. We were lucky and were the only ones to have ours completely finished. Mimi spent so many hours and we are so glad to have such an awesome gift! We have already spent hours playing with it! Thanks Mimi and Papa we love it!
Kyson and Jack dressed up in some of the costumes that Mimi and Papa got from Santa.
That night we were all going to go over to Auburn and Dave's for dinner but Cannon woke up from his nap with pink eye. We decided we didn't want it to spread between all of the cousins so we picked up some food and went over to Spencer and Kristie's. The weather was so nice we had to get a picture outside!
We had such a good Christmas and loved sharing it with all of our family. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas in Arizona with Rob's family. We Decided to surprise Rob's parents and were there Christmas Eve morning when they woke up. My kids were so excited to have Christmas with all of their cousins! Early that evening the boys helped Caralee and Spencer move into their house. Then we all met back at Mimi and Papa's for pizza and to hang out. Jack, Grace, Kyson, Camree, Alice and Claire all getting excited for Santa to come!
That night Kyson found a scorpion, yep a freaking scorpion! That is one thing I hate about Az, there are scorpions! YUCK!

These three were so excited to be together. They hadn't seen each other for a year!

It is tradition on my side of the family to get pajamas on Christmas Eve. The kids love getting new Christmas pj's. Now we are ready for Santa to come!
How do us parents survive Christmas Eve? It is called Sonic! We don't mess around! And to all a good night......eventually!