Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lake Powell

The number one reason I love the summer is LAKE POWELL! About a month ago we were able to go on our favorite family vacation. Lake Powell is one of my favorite places and it is so fun to see my kids starting to love it like I do. We were counting down the sleeps until we got to go! The kids and I left on Monday with my family and Rob met us down there on Wednesday.
Snug as a bug in their life jackets. The kids have to get comfortable in these fast because they are in them 24-7!

The kids on the dock waiting to pull off on the houseboat.
The kids were so excited that we were finally there. Can you tell?

We took Kyson tubing and he loved it! Aunt Sarah wouldn't go on the tube unless she was with Kyson, he was her stay safe card.
So much for staying safe and yes, he stayed on and didn't fall off!
Camree wasn't quite as sure as Kyson but she ended up loving it too.

Round two for Kyson with aunt Mikelle and Suzie.
Sarah with two sleeping babies in her arms. She figured this would keep her safe from the tube for sure.
Camree was so cute she would fall asleep anywhere.

Isn't baby Drae the cutest thing ever!
We all had our shades.
Camree didn't love her sunglasses so we got her a hat too to help keep the sun out of her eyes.
Mikelle and Kyson climbing up Sand Mountain. It was huge and Kyson made it all the way to the top. He loved all the sand.
Soon to be uncle Greg carried Camree all the way to the top.
All the way at the top. It was a lot harder than it looked!

The sisters, Breanne wasn't there yet.
Back at the bottom it was time to cool off in the water.

The beach was a little rocky but the kids still had fun playing on it.

Kyson wanted to go off the slide but he didn't want to go by himself so Sarah took him. He was so nervous that he couldn't even look at me for a picture.

He was so proud that he went off but he didn't want to do it again.
We took a cruise up Navajo canyon and when we got back Daddy was there. Yea!
The first thing Kyson wanted Rob to do was catch a lizard. He loved this lizard and wanted to keep him as a pet. He even named him Palo.
They caught another lizard later and it kept biting him but Kyson didn't care he kept holding on to him no matter what.
We took a cruise up Sardine Canyon and then went to see Rainbow Bridge.

Dad's glasses fit better.

We stopped at Dangling Rope for some ice cream and gas. Then it was time for a swim to cool off. Who has the best fish face?

Cathedral Canyon.
The canyon is so narrow and so much fun to drive through.

Uncle Chris holding us away from the rocks!
Finally we arrived at Rainbow Bridge. It was so much fun to see it again because I haven't been there for years.

The whole fam.
Camree with uncle Chris's hat on.

On the way back I hiked out with Camree on my back. It was only a mile but let me tell you my back felt it the next day!

Kyson loved the wave runner and would drive it all by himself.
Even Papa caught a ride.
Camree loves babies and Drae is her real live doll.
She sat and held her hand forever it was so cute!

We even took Drae for her first tube ride and she loved it.

After the little kids Suzie talked me into a more wild ride with her. I must admit I am becoming more afraid in my old age.
Rob took engagement pictures for Sarah and Greg while we there and they turned out super cute.
This is the one they ended up using for their announcement.

On Saturday while the houseboat drove back to the marina our little fam and Sarah and Greg took the boat for one more ride up Navajo Canyon before we had to leave. Camree fell asleep once again sitting up.

When we got back to the houseboat our family had decided to stay the night and not leave until Sunday morning. We didn't have food because we weren't planning on staying so we ate lunch at the restaraunt at the marina on the water.
We went for another boat ride.
We found a sandy beach and played there until it was time to ski.
Camree loved playing in the soft sand.

Rob skiing.

We stayed out on the boat until the sun went down, we didn't want our vacation to end. Thanks Mom and Dad for another awesome trip filled with tons of fun memories. Kyson cried this year when we told him we were going home. He wanted to know why we just couldn't live there. The simple mind of a child. If we could stay there all summer I would but since we can't goodby Lake Powell until next year!