Friday, August 28, 2009

Natural Alpine Water Slide!

A couple of weeks ago we came to this natural water slide in alpine for a combine Ym/Yw activity. The Ym had been before but we hadn't and had no idea what we were getting into. It actually looks twice as big in person!After sitting and looking at it for a couple of minutes some of the girls hiked up and braved the ride down. Mckel was one of the first of the Yw to go down. I think watching people made me more scared to go down. It looked liked such a rough ride!
The Yw finally talked Kristen and I into going down. We both admit that we are becoming chickens in our old age! Luckily once we were up top the ride looked a lot smoother and not as scary. But now I had to worry about the cold water!
Natalie, Michelle and Shantel at the bottom waiting for us chickens to come down.
Finally after about five minutes I made it down! It was actually a lot of fun and the water wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be!
Lora, Whitney, Michelle, Natalie, a friend (I can't remember her name) and Natalie.
Kristen and I were so proud that we were brave and made it down. It was funny the Ym bet that only half of the Yw would go down. Out of 14 of us 13 went down. Ha Ha Ym take that. We had a ton of fun and I am pretty sure the Yw want to do it again next year. And yes I will venture down it again!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clean as a Whistle

After the wedding we were hanging out at Chris and Breanne's and decided that Rob, Jonny and I were all going to get our nostrils waxed. Breanne knows how to do it and has all of the stuff at her house. Isn't that cute!
Some how I escaped without getting my picture taken. THANK HEAVENS!
It was so funny Rob was so scared to get the sticks pulled out. He told Breanne to wait so that he could grab onto the counter before she did it. It really doesn't hurt at all it just looks a lot worse than it really is. We tried to talk Grandpa into it but he said NO WAY!
Camree is so funny, she LOVES men and Johnny was no exception. We loved having Grandpa and Johnny around. Nice clean nostrils Johnny!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

On August 7th Sarah and Greg got married! Ever since we were little Sarah and I always did everything together. We had our whole life planned. We were going to get married together, have kids together, etc. So I have waited 10 long years for this day,YEA! They think that they can wait to have kids but I hate to break it to them, you are way behind you better start making babies!
Waiting for Aunt Sarah and Uncle Greg to come out.
Kyson was so cute he couldn't wait to see Sarah all dressed up like a princess.

The boys.
Our side of the fam with just grandparents. We didn't have someone to take a picture of our whole side of the family.
My cute grandparents. I feel so lucky to still have them all here!
Sister's, we have so much fun together and are so lucky to have each other.

Our little family. I am so thankful for the Temple and that families can be together forever!

The Reception
Rather than a big reception they decided to have a dinner with family and close friends with dancing after. They had it at Tuscany out on the patio. It was so pretty and turned out perfect.
The best part of the wedding was being able to dress up my kids. Kyson looked like a little stud in his suit and Camree looked too cute in her little pink dress that matched Drae.
Her colors were lime green and fuscia pink. It looked so pretty. I love all of the bright colors that everyone uses now, much better than when I got married ten years ago. Notice Kyson and Rob have matching ties, so cute!
How cute is little Drae in her dress! Camree and Drae even had matching bows that we made.

This picture is awful of the sister's but it is the only one I have. Rob didn't do his job and take multiple pictures like he was supposed to. I'll just have to get one from the photographer and swap it out later.
Dido on this pic too.

The nieces and nephew on our side. Oops somebody gave Kyson gum and he was captured in a few pictures playing with it.

Kyson is so funny he is into winking these days. I was telling him how handsome he was and he winked back at me. He is like his Daddy, when we were dating Rob would wink at me all of the time and I LOVED it!
I seriously love that face!
At dinner. It was so cute to see Kyson drinking out of this big glass. He was trying to be so careful.
Camree did really good during dinner too. We managed to get through dinner without any of it ending up on her dress! Now that is an accomplishment! She is such a messy eater!
It was so cute as soon as Kyson was done eating he was right by Sarah's side. He was so proud of his Auntie all dressed up! He wanted to be right by her all night.

Good thing he is only four or Greg might have had something to worry about.

Grandpa John flew in from Seattle. We were so happy he could be there. My Mom totally looks like her Dad.
Johnny flew in with Grandpa. Uncle John couldn't make it, we missed him. So is Johnny really tall or Rob really short? I think it is a little of both.
I love my Dad. All of my sister's try and say that I am his favorite, I try to think that too, but the truth is I just know how to sweet talk him the best. Great minds think alike right Dad?
I love this picture of Camree just checking out Great Pa. She LOVES all of her grandpa's!
I seriously love this little face too!
We don't get to see Grandpa John as often as we would like so we try to soak him up as much as we can while he is in town.
Time for cake! Sarah made Greg promise that he wouldn't get it all over her face. He listened, smart guy they should have a great relationship!
These two were lip locked all night! Let's face it they both had to wait a long time to find each other. Oh, I wish I was a newlywed again!
After Sarah danced with Greg and then Dad Kyson was right there for his turn.
I love this picture of him peeking out from behind her veil with that grin. He was on cloud nine! It was funny after the song was over Sarah started dancing with Greg again and Kyson broke into tears. He wanted to know why he couldn't dance with her all night. Sooo cute!

Everyone joined in on the dancing. It was so much fun. As my kids get older I love seeing them play with each other. They were too cute dancing together.
Sarah and I before she left. We had dreamed of this day together since we were little girls. She couldn't have been a more beautiful bride. You are one lucky man Greg! Love ya Sis!The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We always laugh at her new last name. Can you get more common than Sarah Smith! Welcome to the family Greg. Like Grandma Gay said, Now you are ours forever! There is no turning back you are stuck with us! Congrats you two, now go and make some cousin's for my kids!